Identity Theft Protection in NJ and PA

Identity Theft Protection Cherry HillFarmers Identity Theft Protection

With identity theft becoming more common and costly, having Farmers Identity Shield may give you some peace of mind for only pennies a day. This coverage can be added to your policy by endorsement providing coverage for losses due to identity theft; credit and public records monitoring, and identity or travel documents replacement.

Below are some of the features of Farmers Identity Shield that will help you fight the ever increasing threat of identity theft.

  • Coverage:

    • $28,500 expenses
    • $1,500 indemnity
  • Credit monitoring:

    • Monitoring of credit files as well as publicly accessible records for fraudulent activity, for two people
    • Annual identity report with details of the customer’s credit file and public records

    Victims of identity theft or those who suspect they may be victims receive:

    • Identity resolution services for the entire household
    • 24/7 access to an advocate at Identity Theft 911® to guide the victim through the identity recovery process
    • Preparation of correspondence necessary to notify all relevant parties of the fraud (credit bureaus, financial institutions, etc.)
    • Creation and maintenance of a case file of all phone calls, documents and results
    • Assistance in placing fraud alerts and security freezes with credit bureaus

    Even if you are not a victim of identity theft:

    • Professional on call to answer questions regarding identity safety concerns
    • Assistance in replacing lost, stolen or damaged identification documents (birth certificate, passport, etc.)
    • E-mail tips and news to help prevent identity theft
    • Access to Farmers’ informative Web site

    Farmers Identity Shield also provides specialized services for military members, families with children and those who have lost a spouse. It also provides unique services for those traveling abroad.

  • Price

    • The Farmers Identity Shield is at most $65 a year.
    • This works out to less than 18 cents a day.

    With so much coverage and so many services included for pennies a day, Farmers Identity Shield is a phenomenal value. More importantly, it may help provide you some peace of mind during a time when identity theft can happen to anyone.

    Note: Because Farmers Identity Shield is an endorsement, you will need to have an underlying Farmers Homeowners or Renters policy.

  • Security Tips

    Identity theft can hit you no matter where you live or what your income. Know how to protect yourself:

    • Do not carry your Social Security card in your wallet
    • Use online bill pay and e-bills to reduce the amount of sensitive data in your mail
    • Use a secure locking mailbox or a post office box
    • Shred with a crosscut shredder anything that contains your name, address, or other sensitive data before discarding
    • Never write your Social Security number on your checks
  • Identity Theft Facts

    Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the U.S. It has been listed as the #1 consumer complaint for 12 consecutive years. The crime can be devastating, and is often costly and time-consuming to resolve. According to the Federal Trade Commission:

    • The number of identity theft victims in 2011 was 11.6 million – that’s a new victim nearly every 3 seconds.
    • Consumer out-of-pocket costs averaged more than $630 per victim.
    • Total time spent to resolve cases averaged more than 33 hours per victim.

    Identity theft has become so prevalent that most people, if not victims themselves, know someone who has been a victim. Farmers Identity Shield is a comprehensive solution that can help you safeguard your good name.